Important Information about Instrument Manufacture

After a very enjoyable 36 years, we have reluctantly decided to cease instrument manufacture. Both Brexit and Covid-19 have played a large part in this decision. Nevertheless, we are planning to continue the development and sale of Geoplot software and provide repairs and instrumentation support for existing customers where possible. We are still able to supply some instrument accessories whilst stocks last.

We aim to keep involved in archaeological geophysics research. It has always been very enjoyable, and a real privilege, to provide instrumentation to you all, and we look forward to keeping in contact via email or at conferences. Remember, if you need support with Geoplot or instrumentation then we are still happy to help. Best wishes to all our customers, Roger and Kath

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Latest News

RM85 Resistance Meter System

The RM85 Resistance Meter forms the heart of a versatile measuring system for rapid area or vertical profile measurements using probe arrays or wheeled carts for faster data collection. Options include BASIC or ADVANCED, multiplexing for greater speed or improved resolution, GPS logging, cost effective conversion to gradiometer mode (see below).  Data Sheet PDF, Manual PDF

October 2020
Announcement about cessation of Instrument Manufacture.

8 March 2019
Updated and simplified navigation and product information on the website.

6 March 2019
Updated RM85 Resistance Mode Manual and RM85 Gradiometer Mode Manual which are available from the  Manuals & Software page (previously known as the Downloads page).  Revised data sheets for  RM85, RM85 / FAB1 Gradiometer System.

27 November 2018
We will be attending the forthcoming NSGG meeting in London on December 4th. Revised data sheets for RM85, RM85 / FAB1 Gradiometer System, Geoplot 4.0 and MSP25.

29 August 2018
Geoplot 4.0 Build 1205 is now available from the Download page. 

1 May 2018
Privacy Policy added to the About Us page.

22 January 2018
Updated RM85 Resistance Mode manual and new RM85 Gradiometer Mode manual available from the  Download page.  RM85 / FAB1 Gradiometer Data Logging System now shipping.

24 October 2017
Geoplot 4.0 Build 1124 is now available from the Download page. Includes significant improvements to print and graphics.

25 August 2017
A new Geoplot 4.0 beta version (Build 1072) is now available from the Download page. We will have a stand at the ICAP2017 conference in Bradford on September 12-16th 2017

9 June 2017
A new Geoplot 4.0 beta version (Build 1004) is now available from

RM85 / FAB1 Gradiometer Data Logging System

The RM85 can be converted into a handheld fluxgate gradiometer with the addition of a FAB1 (Fluxgate Adapter Box 1), CF51 carrying frame and  SENSYS FGM650 fluxgate sensor (no alignment required !). A FAB1 and SENSYS FGM650  can also be mounted on an MSP25 cart to add gradiometer logging. GPS data can be simultaneously logged.  Data Sheet PDF, Manual PDF

Geoplot 4.0

Runs on 32 and 64 bit platforms, Windows XP, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10. Modern user interface with right hand control panel, macro facility for speeding up data analysis, process functions extended including Undo &  multiple applications, improved data download including RM85, improved animation. LiDAR import and processing, non-uniform import, Survey Outline Tool, improved MasterGrid etc. Data Sheet PDF

MSP25 Mobile Sensor Platform

MSP25 survey and assembly videos

(no sound)

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