Geoscan Research designs and manufactures geophysical instrumentation for both professional and amateur use. Although primarily for archaeological use, our products are also used increasingly in other areas including environmental, forensics, geological, civil engineering and peace-time military applications.

The product range at present comprises earth resistance meters, fluxgate gradiometers and associated computer software, with new measurement techniques currently under development. Our products are low cost, user-friendly, lightweight and have proven reliability. Our equipment has appeared frequently on archaeological and historical television programmes.

Product information provided on this web site is selected from our data sheets. These are available on request from Geoscan Research or from our agents. If you are resident in the country of one of our agents please could you make contact with them for pricing and delivery information. If you are in the UK and require prices please supply your postal address when emailing a request to us. For the latest news follow us on Twitter @GeoscanResearch.

Latest News .

New RM85 / FAB1 Gradiometer Data Logging System coming soon .

The RM85 can be converted into a handheld fluxgate gradiometer with the addition of an FAB1 (Fluxgate Adapter Box 1), carrying frame and  Sensys FGM650 fluxgate sensor. An FAB1 and FGM650  can also be mounted on an MSP25 cart to add gradiometer logging. GPS data can be simultaneously logged.  Download PDF

7 October 2016

Preliminary information released on the RM85 / FAB1 Gradiometer Data Logging System. We will be attending the forthcoming NSGG meeting in London on December 6th 2016.

24 June 2016

Updated Geoplot 4 data sheet. Beta Geoplot 4 Build available.

Additional MSP25 Information sheet D added to Home page.

RM85 manual 1.39 available from the download page.

RM85 Tech Support information pages added.

Link to the new EAC Guidelines for the Use of Geophysics in Archaeology added to the Applications page.

Added Tech Support guidance for dealing with a potential bug when downloading Parallel Twin data into Geoplot 3

Geoplot 4 coming soon .

Runs natively on 32, 64 bit platforms, modern user interface with right hand control panel, macro facility for speeding up data analysis, process functions extended including Undo &  multiple applications, improved data download including RM85 GPS, new data format extended to be more like meta data but with GP3 compatibility, improved animation Download PDF

Example MSP25 survey results and videos

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