Four probe array PA3 is a general purpose probe kit for use with the RM4, RM15-D and RM85. Resistance meters. It can be configured into a number of different probe arrays such as Wenner, Double-Dipole, or Schlumberger, for either mapping or depth sounding measurements. It is suitable for small to medium baseline measurements of up to 100m spread.


The PA3 kit comprises four hand probes with integral connectors, four cable tidies each containing 50m cables, cable ties and leads to connect the 50m cables to the resistance meters. All leads and cables are individually identified.  The 50m cables can also be used as extension leads for the PA20. The stainless steel hand probes are fitted with adjustable nylon soil-stops (80 mm diameter) which may be used to set the probe insertion depth or act as foot levers. Connection to the probes and cable drums is by use of 4mm plugs and sockets, whilst the 4 cables to the resistance meters are merged into a pair of 2-way plugs suitable for direct connection to an RM85, RM15-D or RM4 (please specify) - additional adapters are not required.


Probe length (overall)
Probe insertion depth (adjustable)
Probe diameter
Probe weight (per probe)
Cable length (per probe)
Cable (30/0.25) diameter
Cable weight (each)

900 mm
20-200 mm
12 mm
0.7 Kg
50 m
3.8 mm
1.2 Kg

General purpose probe system for RM85, RM15-D or RM4 resistance meters
Array sizes up to 100m
Configure wide Wenner, Double-Dipole or
Schlumberger arrays
Can be used for mapping or depth sounding
Stainless steel probes
Adjustable soil stops to control probe insertion depth

( All components and specifications subject to change without notice )