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The following manuals and Help Files are available for download in PDF format:

RM85 Resistance Mode Instruction Manual.Latest Version
RM85 Gradiometer Mode Instruction Manual.Latest Version
FM256 Instruction Manual. Version 1.7 November 2006
MSP40 Instruction Manual. Version 1.2 August 2006
Geoplot 3.0 Instruction Manual, Main Section. Version 1.97 April 2005
Geoplot 3.0 Instruction Manual, Processing Chapter. August 2004
Geoplot 4.0 Instruction Manual Summary - latest version. Registered users will be notified when this link is updated.

The following two links will be updated regularly. As of August 2018 content is minimal so in the meantime please use the link given above to the Geoplot 4.0 Instruction Manual Summary.
Geoplot 4.0 Instruction Manual - latest version. Registered users will be notified when this link is updated.
Geoplot 4.0 Help Files for the program - latest versions. Registered users will be notified when this link is updated.

The following manuals are scans of paper manuals and converted into PDF sections and collected within ZIP files:
FM9_FM18_FM36 Instruction Manual. Version 1.4 September 2005
RM4 Instruction Manual. Version 2.4 April 2009
RM15, RM15-D Instruction Manual. Version 2.98 April 2009
MPX15 Instruction Manual. Version 1.5 December 2006

Geoplot 4.0 - Latest Code - Matrix USB dongle protection ONLY

The latest Geoplot 4.0 version available is Build 1205 and will only work with Matrix USB dongles. Check which version of Geoplot 4.0 you are using by selecting About Geoplot from the Help menu. Please note that only Matrix USB dongles that have been upgraded to run Geoplot 4.0 will work with this code and there is a charge for this upgrade. Dongles are upgraded remotely using an executable file sent via a DropBox link; the upgrade is specific to an individual dongle. Once upgraded the Matrix USB dongle will allow you to run both Geoplot 3.0 and Geoplot 4.0. The download is a zip file which should be unzipped and the component parts can be either burnt to a CD or stored in a temporary directory from which Geoplot 4.0 can be installed. The installer includes code and Geoplot 4.0 instruction manual.

Download Full Installation Code for single users :
Only works with upgraded Matrix USB dongles

Geoplot 3.0 - Latest Code and Drivers

Check which version of Geoplot you are using by selecting About from the Help menu. Version information is provided at the bottom of this web page. Each Geoplot licence is copy protected with either a hardware lock (dongle) or a software lock. The installation code is different for each protection type so when downloading the latest code please select the appropriate link below. Please note that if you have not already upgraded from version 1 or 2 to version 3 then the latest code will not work with your copy protection system.

Matrix USB and Matrix LPT Hardware Lock Protection (coloured blue). The latest version for this protection type is 3.00v.
Az-Tech LPT Hardware Lock Protection (coloured black). The latest version for this protection type is 3.00p.
Software Lock Protection. The latest version for this protection type is 3.00p.

Geoplot 3.0 - Copies of System files, default Options files, Palette files

The following files may be useful for repairing a corrupted Geoplot installation--this may be either a software or hardware lock protected Geoplot. Download the zipped files to a temporary directory and extract them there ready for use.

Download System Files (666 Kb)

Download Default Options Files (2 Kb)

Download Palette Files (7 Kb)

Geoplot 3.0 - Version Information

Version 3.00v

Bug fix for a data array problem that occurred when very large sized grids have a very small sample interval. A bug has been discovered in Geoplot 3.0 when collecting '2 Parallel Twin' data with a traverse interval of 0.5m or smaller. A workaround is to download the data as two multiple data sets then use the Merge facility on the File menu to combine them. 

Version 3.00u

For Matrix USB and Matrix LPT Hardware Lock protected versions only - NOT for Az-Tech LPT Hardware Lock Protection or Software Lock Protection. Merge facilities are now provided for combining MSP40 alpha and beta data sets whilst retaining data crispness. A Help panel has been added to provide guidance on importing non-standard data sets. Code changes have been made to provide Vista support. This overcomes printing problems in earlier versions by providing an optional means to omit display of the Printer Dialog Form. See Running Geoplot 3 on 64 bit Platforms for further details.

Version 3.00t

For Matrix USB and Matrix LPT Hardware Lock protected versions only - NOT for Az-Tech LPT Hardware Lock Protection or Software Lock Protection. Animation facilities have been added to the Graphics menu. This allows different views of one data set, or indeed several data sets from different instruments over the same area, to be visually compared. A Wallis filter has been added to the Process Toolbar and Process menu. This provides histogram equalisation that emphasises low value readings and compresses high value readings. Data can now be exported in spreadsheet format. Pseudo-section data can be exported in Res2dinv format. This third party program provides inversion facilities using the least mean squares method and is available for free download in a limited functionality demo version. Download facilities for the new Geoscan Research MSP40 Mobile Sensor Platform have been added. A Shift facility has been added for dealing with alpha and beta data from the MSP40. The Merge Comp facility has been extended to include Grad601. The scope of some functions on the Edit menu has been extended.

Version 3.00s

Internal maintenance code changes relating to Matrix dongles. Matrix USB dongles that are HID compliant start shipping after serial number GP05698.

Version 3.00r

Support for Matrix dongles (USB and LPT) introduced. For Matrix USB and Matrix LPT dongles versions only: Periodic Filter allows entry of a band of frequencies, not just one frequency. Environment Options provides a setting that allows for correction of the vertical position of the side toolbars which can be misplaced in 2000 or XP.

Version 3.00p - latest version for software protection and Az-Tech LPT dongles
Master Grid now allows you to insert rows and columns. It also now allows you to quickly add either 'a' or 'b' at end of names in a previously created master grid making it easier to create matching dual FM256 composites for merging. Additionally, you are no longer required to have matching directories for Master Grids and data Grids for composite creation. Interpolate (Shrink) now has provision for shrinking data by straight line deletion, not just averaging. Odd or Even lines can be specified. This makes it possible to investigate the effect of different sampling strategies using already highly sampled data. Destagger can now operate on all grids in one pass. It can also be set to either destagger alternate lines (-2-4-6-8) or destagger in pairs of lines (- - 34 - - 78) which can be required when a dual system is turned through 180 degrees with zig-zag surveying. It is also possible to destagger individual lines. All Save and Save As forms now have a 'New Directory' button for easier creation of new directory structures within the form. Code has been modified to allow printing to file. The Graphic Plot Details panel to the right hand side of the main screen is changed from a white to grey background. Fixed grid rotation bug.

Version 3.00k
Added Merge Composite code for 180 degree rotation of CF6 carrying frame.

Version 3.00h
Provision made for downloading FM256 gradiometer data. Merge Composites facility added to File menu. Added threshold facility to Zero Mean Traverse, Spectrum and Periodic Filter. Fixed bug in Deslope and created new splash screen.

Version 3.00g
Added Swop Adjacent Traverse to Edit menu to provide striping correction for MPX15 data. Changed error messages for RS232 downloads. Made floating Statistics form border fixed.

Version 3.00f
Added import of spreadsheet data with either comma or tab separation.

Version 3.00e
Modifications made to Software Authorisation system.

Version 3.00d
Modified download error messages for framing and parity.

Version 3.00c
Added educational network version with limited functionality. Fixed process area selection problem. Fixed Destagger bug and included shift of dummy readings as well.

Version 3.00b
Code added to check if a network user was already logged on.

Version 3.00a
Red text added to rotate composite and download forms. Underlying code for individual network user options added.

Version 3.00
Original shipment code.

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