Geoplot 2 Technical Support

Problems downloading data using Geoplot 2
Make sure the "Serial Device" setting in Data Transfer (RS232) Options  is set to the correct port number - by default this is "1". Ensure that there is not a break in the cable.

Do not try and run Geoplot 2 in a DOS window under Windows since this can significantly slow down the speed at which Geoplot is able to handle the data stream. Instead you should start up the computer in true DOS mode. However, if you are running Geoplot 2 in a DOS window under Windows and you feel speed is not a problem, yet still experience problems, then follow the technical advice given for Geoplot 3. If you are running in true DOS mode follow the advice given below.

DOS systems often load up TSR programs which run in the background. These can have just the same actions, and hence cause similar problems, as listed above for Geoplot 3. If you experience download problems you can investigate which programs have been launched at boot up, and may be causing a conflict, by examining your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and CONFIG.SYS files located in the root directory. Any suspected line can be temporarily disabled by adding "rem" at the start of the line, save the file and reboot-- make sure you have full back-ups of the original files on floppy disk which you can boot from.