Downloads - Matrix USB and Matrix LPT Hardware Lock Protection ONLY

Geoplot 3 - Latest code (3.00v)

If you have a Matrix USB hardware lock (blue-body) to protect Geoplot then you can download the latest version of Geoplot here. It will only work if you have a valid Geoplot dongle. This code will NOT work with Az-Tech LPT hardware locks or software protected versions of Geoplot.  The current code version for this dongle is 3.00v - you can check which version you have by selecting About from the Help menu.

The code is available in two formats (a) executable code to patch over your existing installation or (b) full installation code suitable for burning onto a CD or for direct installation. Please select the appropriate download for your installation.

Executable Patch

This download consists of a single file, gp300mx.exe which replaces the existing file on your hard disk - there is no need to reinstall from a CD.

The gp300mx.exe file is provided in zipped format. After downloading unzip the file to the temporary directory. In a default installation you will find the old versions of the gp300mx.exe file in "c:\gp300". To keep a backup of the old version, rename the existing file on your hard disk to something like gp300mxold.exe then paste the new downloaded file into its place.

Download Executable Patch (565 Kb) for single users

Full Installation Code

This download provides a single, self extracting, executable file of the form Setupex.exe that can be either burnt onto a CD or stored in a temporary directory and Geoplot installed from there. Manuals in PDF format are included.

The code is provided as a single zipped file named for single users. Click on the download symbol below and save to a temporary directory. Unzip the file and either burn onto a CD for installation from there or click on the Setupex.exe file to install Geoplot onto the PC. Before doing this uninstall any previous copies of Geoplot using the Uninstall program provided then follow the normal installation instructions given in the manual. Copy the manuals provided in this download to the desired location.

Download Full Installation Code (10.3 Mb) for single users

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