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          Resistivity Instruments and Accessories
RM85 Resistance Meter System
                PA20 Probe Array for the RM4, RM15-D, RM85
                PA3 Probe array for the RM4, RM15-D, RM85
          Gradiometer Instruments and Accessories
RM85-FAB1 Gradiometer Data Logging System

          Sensor Platforms
MSP25 Mobile Sensor Platform

Geoplot 4.0 for Window

          Discontinued Products and Suggested Alternatives
Geoplot 3.0 for Windows 
FM256 Fluxgate Gradiometer
RM15-D Resistance Meter
MPX15 Multiplexer for RM15, RM15-D 
                MSP40 Mobile Sensor Platform
RM4 Resistance Meter 
                DL10 Data Logger for RM4
PA1 Probe Array
                PA5 Probe Array
                FM9 / FM18 / FM36 Fluxgate Gradiometers
                ST1 Sample Trigger for FM18 / FM36


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