Upgrading from FM18/FM36 to FM256 System

If you have an FM18 or FM36 then a very cost effective way of improving your survey system is to upgrade your existing instrument to an FM256. If you have two FM18's or FM36's then upgrading only one instrument and using the other as a slave will give you a dual gradiometer system with all its associated benefits. Alternatively, you can purchase a new FM256 and use this with an existing FM18/36 to create a dual system with the FM18/36 again acting as a slave. These routes considerably reduce the overall cost of long term ownership, maintains the value of your investment and improves productivity.

The upgrade involves replacing the electronics housing and its internal electronics (ie half the instrument) but retains the existing sensors in their tube and the carrying handle. We can modify existing carrying cases to take the new outline of the FM256 instrument and the standard FM256 system accessories will be slotted into the existing cut-outs. Alternatively a new carry case can be obtained with cut-outs to the new layout. A new manual, data dump lead and charger is supplied as part of the upgrade. Please note that the upgrade does not  include any refurbishment to the existing tube or carrying handle - if these are in very poor condition then this may have an influence on the feasibility of an upgrade. Please consult with Geoscan Research if in doubt.

After confirming suitability for upgrade, instruments should be returned to Geoscan Research, except in North America, where instruments will be returned to Geoscan Research (USA). Other overseas customers should consult with their local agent, where applicable, to make arrangements.





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