Recommended RM4 System

The RM4 requires a probe array to be able to take measurements. Those available at the moment include the PA3 Four Probe Array and the PA20 Multi-Probe array. Of these arrays the PA20 is most suitable for use with the RM4. The RM4 kit includes mounting brackets for the PA20, battery charger and operating manual. Data gathered with the RM4 will need processing and displaying on a computer to enable targets to be seen. Program Geoplot is available for manual data input, and appropriate processing and presentation of the data. The processing facilties of Geoplot are especially recommended for tidying up any data collection defects.

A popular system consists of the following :

RM4 Resistance Meter
PA20 Multi-Probe Array includes 0.5m Twin frame, 2 short wings, 2 probes, etc.
AD1 Adapter for PA5 Twin (and Pole-Pole) array.
Geoplot licence

Futher information is available in our data sheets. These are available on request from Geoscan Research or from our agents.