Replaced by Geoplot 4.0

GEOPLOT 3.0 for Windows

Geoplot 3.0 is a Windows program for the processing and presentation of geophysical data collected from a variety of instruments including : resistance meters, gradiometers, magnetometers, EM instruments, magnetic susceptibility instruments. Processing facilities include : high pass, low pass, median, Wallis & periodic filters, spectrum and variance analysis, despiking, interpolation, edge matching, zero mean traverse correction, destagger correction, several numeric functions and a powerful cut and combine function for combing data sets mathematically. A record of every edit and process is maintained with each data file. Graphics may be produced as shade plots (grey scale or colour), trace plots (stacked profiles or 3D), dot-density or pattern plots and may be printed out at any scale or saved as bitmaps for use in other software packages. A publishing mode is included which allows you to combine many graphics images, text, drawn objects etc. Data can be imported and exported, allowing data exchange with other software packages.

The software is normally supplied for a single user operating on a stand-alone PC or a computer network.
Network versions, (5 and 10 users) are available for use on client-server network systems. An educational network version, (25 users) with restricted functionality, is available for use on client-server systems. Functions that are disabled are : New Input Template, Open Input Template, Download Data, Keyboard Input, Import Data, Export Data and Create Pseudo-sections. There are no other restrictions. When a USB dongle protected Network version is purchased (see Hardware requirements) then that dongle may also be used to operate as a single user.

High and Low Pass Filters
Periodic Defect Filter
Zero Mean Filters
Destagger Filter
Wallis Filter
Edge Matching
Despiking & Median Filter
Statistical & Spectral Analysis
Numeric Operations
Powerful Cut & Combine

Graphics, data, history & details views
Full process and edit history archive
Import data from other software
Export data to other software
Data download from Instruments
Keyboard input
Generate stacked Pseudo-sections
Extensive user defined options
Extensive default operation offered
Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista and 7 (32 bit only)

Shade plots (grey scale or colour)
Trace plots (stacked or 3D style)
Dot-density and Pattern plots
Relief plots (artificial sun)
User-defined shade palettes
Overlay grid lines and numbers
Auto refresh after edit or process
Print out at any scale
Save graphic as bitmap for export
Publishing mode

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